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Thul Macha 


The lands to the north of the continent, named Thul Macha in the lorebooks, range from arctic to temperate with regard to climate, and in culture and technology are varied, but not old enough to have the depth of lore and history possessed by the lands farther to the south.

The Frozen Wastes are trackless, ungoverned regions where only small groups of nomadic hunters roam amid the snowbears and lumbering coastal creatures that can survive the extreme winter months.

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On the south of these lands lie The Marches, rough hinterlands where upstart kings and new dynasties strive to carve out legends and legacies of their own. It is ruled by a high king (or more than one in some turbulent times) and is known for frequent wars and changes of regime. All of this violence and intrigue is fuelled by income from natural resources - hardwood lumber in the west, iron and tin mining and summer wheat in the fertile areas around the bay, salt-fish and chorals from the bay itself, and gold and gems hacked from the eastern mountain ranges.

The isthmus that joins the region to Imlin Thul in the south is a rocky, unhospitable land frequented by merchant caravans and bandits; only a couple of fortified inns make permanent residence there.

Stories that take place in this region include Volumes 1-3 of Legends of Tisal Thulu, and Sontar.

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