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Thuldarsu Muut

[thūl·dar·seh·mūt] or [thūl·dar·sū·mūt]

Known for its love of horses and skill in mounted archery, warriors from this region are highly sought-after by mercenary commanders and political powers alike.

Fond of skin decoration and flambouyant jewellry, these warriors are unmistakable, even from a distance, and strike fear into enemy forces.

But their complex culture has far more than that to offer anyone determined enough to find it.

Thuldarsu Muut.png

It is said that their medical and pharmacological knowedge is unsurpassed. Alchemists and enchanters work from hidden clefts and caves in the southeastern mountains of the region, and sometimes these wares find their way to coastal trading centres on both the eastern and western sides of the region.

Stories that take place in this region include Isra.

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