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This island benefits from the trade route between Thul Macha and Grullimbruk, taking in significant wealth as ships pass along the north-south route through treacherous waters.

The cult of Gilmesh is strong on the island as well, especially among the warrior-priests. These keep mainly to themselves, but it is not unknown for one to be hired out for specialist work in exchange for a high fee. They are forbidden to take gold for their services - but they are fond of land.

Evrik Thum.png

The name Evrik-Thum translates roughly as 'Royal Island' or 'Island of the Crown' and local legends have it that the ancient kings had their seat of power there, before that Turning of the Gods. Most other regions consider this foolish self-agrandisement and pay it little heed.

Stories that take place in this region include Sontar and Isra.

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