Each of these novels may be read as a stand-alone, but since they were written in a particular order, and one often builds on background knowledge and even characters already encountered in a previous book, we have listed them here, in the order of writing, with a few notes on their contents.

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A slave since early childhood, wielding his woodsman's axe through the long hours of the day, this giant of a man is thrown into adventure and bloodshed as rival slavers raid the camp and steal away the only woman he's ever known or loved. Passion and revenge drive this action-packed quest.

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Set fourteen years after Sontar, this is the story of Isra, the battle-maiden who rises from humble beginnings to rule the open seas with a bloadsoaked blade and a heart of steel. Fostered by the hero Sontar until his death, she rises to outshine even his fame and glory.


His mother was a sea-captain, his father some hero she'd lain with and never seen again, Drego grows up quick and hard in the seedy streets of the exotic Western city of xxxxxxx.