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The Pantheon

The Gods and Demigods of Tisal Thulu

Most inhabitants of Tisal Thulu worship Hennubeth (Hennu), called by her older name, Hibbideth, in the west. During the last battle of the Great Turning, Hennubeth and Gilmesh battled, and she was thrown down, creating a massive crater that later filled in with water, creating the Hennugwosh, or Sea of Hennu. She rose up in wrath and threw Gilmesh westward, smiting him into the Mulmuut, and casting him down for the remainder of the Turn. Common belief is that Gilmesh was defeated for good, and Hennubeth now rules forever, though some Gilmesh cults remain.

In reality though, Gilmesh and Hennubeth/Hibbideth were once consorts, much like Yahweh and Asherah seemed to be in ancient Hebrew legends. Ruling the world is taxing, and when the next turning comes, it is very possible that Gilmesh will be stronger than Henubeth and retake the world, ruling with his moonlight rather thant he current sunlight that dominates.

Lesser spirits and beings are also worshipped in various regions and people groups.


With an eye that lights the world, she strides across the heavens each day and descends to scorch the underworld each night, consolodating her power to protect the inhabitants of the world who are true to her.


Bull-headed and with taloned feet, Gilmesh is the shadow-god, wielding flames and smoke with decision and high expectation. Impatient, pleased by adventure and combat in his people.

Meet The Other Gods

Lesser Spirits

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